On this page you can see an overview of my design projects and learn about my various design skills: visual design & branding, website development, video editing and illustration.

For more documentation on my other creative design projects, please visit Mysterious Studio.

Visual Design & Branding

Vector Design

Visual design and communication is at the very heart of what I do and I have both a solid theoretical knowledge and a lot of experience working with visuals in various forms. I have been teaching many university level courses focused on working with the image, both concerning the basic building blocks such as color, light and composition and more specialized areas such as 3D-graphics, creation of visual interfaces and visual coding. I have also worked as a freelancer in the creation of logotypes and posters, and currently I am creating all of the visual materials, such as logotypes, icons, banners and invoice templates, for my various creative projects.

Video Editing

My background in video editing is multifaceted: I have been both a teacher and creator of videos and am fascinated with the power of storytelling that comes when movement and sound is added into the mix. For 3+ years I was in charge of a university course that had a focus on video editing, cinematography and storytelling through moving images, but I have been fascinated by video creation all my life and started creating short, experimental videos on MovieMaker already when I was around 10 years old. Today, I mainly enjoy experimenting with creating videos in connection with my creative projects, and mostly share my videos through instagram reels and tiktok.

  • Preferred software: DaVinci Resolve, Splice (mobile)

  • Also proficient in: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro

  • Profound understanding of visual storytelling through video

Promotional Video for Online Store

Podcast Reveal Video for Social Media

Painting Video for Fine Art Website

Website Development

I have deep, personal experience of website development, having created my own websites from scratch and continuously learning more as I am managing them and evolving further. See the list below for an overview of my skills and experience connected to website development.

  • Website development using Wordpress (3+ years)

  • Understanding of website hosting, domains and DNS records (3+ years)

  • Website development using web builders such as Squarespace, Wix, Cargo and Portfoliobox, just to name a few (8+ years)

  • SEO Optimization and basic overall website optimization (2+ years)

  • Ecommerce integration through Wordpress + WooCommerce (2+ years)

  • Dropshipping integration between websites and print-on-demand sites such as Printful and Gelato (2+ years)

  • Connecting custom domain to an email adress by adjusting DNS records

  • Setting up SMTP for online store email sendouts

Sound Design

In addition to my studies in informatics and media art, I have a music theory and classical piano education, and a lot of experience performing music in different settings. After mostly just playing live, my focus has recently shifted to learning how to produce and edit music using software such as FL Studio.

  • Preferred software for audio editing: FL Studio, Audacity

  • Instruments: Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele

  • Experience: Classical piano and music theory at Musikinstitutet kungsvägen, Finland (2002-2010), Childrens' choir (2002-2007), Student band (2011-2013), Noise song "Mnoisareth" published on Icelandic album Þ1 (2015), Sound design for interactive prototypes (2014-2015), Playing keyboard in a band (2019-2021), Playing ukulele with fellow colleagues at my university's parties (2018-2020), Independent music creation on the side (2002-ongoing), Lullabies for my child (2021-ongoing)

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