Media Art

Mysterious Musings

These collages are a kind of autobiographical excavation: they are combinations of photographs taken by me at earlier stages in my life, synthesized into new combinations years later. The images hold a lot of memories for me, and hopefully they can ignite something in you as well, whether it is an entirely new experience, or a whisper of a long lost memory of your own.

If you want to learn about the memories and experiences that inspired these collages, you can find all of my writings available to read for free on my online publication, Mysterious Musings.

If you want to purchase a print of one of these collages, please visit my online store: Mysterious Studio.

Interactive Works

Download playable prototypes on

My prototypes are experiments on how to layer elements in 3D-spaces to create otherworldly, aesthetic experiences that ignite curiosity and invite contemplation.

Forest of Meaning series Collages

These collages are from a body of work titled Forest of Meaning, consisting of 21 artwork: 7 acrylic paintings, 7 collages and 7 illustrations contemplating the value of nature.

© Minnamari Helmisaari